Light Grey Modal
Light Grey Modal
Light Grey Modal

Light Grey Modal

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Our modal hijabs are unlike any other fabric you’ve ever worn. Extremely soft, lightweight yet opaque, and an elegant finish all blend together to create the perfect woven wrap. Every color is custom made to suit your unique personality and style. After all, you’re one of a kind so why shouldn’t your hijab be?
Pair this hijab with your everyday outfit, work attire, or even formal apparel. No matter the occasion we guarantee you’ll find yourself reaching for this wrap every time.
Fabric Description and Care:
  • Fabric: Modal
  • Shape: Long rectangle
  • Weight: Light
  • Wearability: Under scarf not needed
Care: You may hand wash and air dry your modal scarves or choose to dry clean them. Due to the fabric of this wrap, ironing will most likely be needed to attain original finish. 

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