Scholarship Program

Now that you've had a chance to read our Purchase with a Purpose policy we're sure you're able to see our dedication to spreading good in the world. Our Founder can often be heard saying that talent is vast but opportunity is not. Hence, the reason she made it her personal and entrepreneurial mission to do her best to ensure the equal distribution of the opportunities we aim to provide. 
We firmly believe that education is a key tool in unlocking opportunity. Therefore, if you are a student enrolled in a four-year institution and need tuition assistance, please send us an email stating your needs, what you're studying, and how we can help make a difference in your life. 
As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the value of this chosen path. However, we do believe that entrepreneurship is not a means for personal success, but rather a means for communal success. Whether it's providing jobs, products to ease your market's pains, or tools to further your community's success, being an entrepreneur is about providing value to others. If you are an entrepreneur, or an aspiring one, and need assistance launching your goals, send us an email with your business plan, marketing plan, and amount of funding needed to begin your journey! 
Please note, when submitting either application your file is being viewed amongst all of our applicants. By submitting an application you are not guaranteed a grant. If you are chosen, supplemental information may be requested. 
Email for applications: