Purchase with a Purpose

I started this company with the intention to spread goodness in the world. Whether that be through providing exceptional products to a market often forgotten, or through providing a channel for social excellence. Either way, I sincerely hope any person who comes across Veiled Beaut can derive some benefit.
With that being said, I’m often asked how I’m able to achieve this goal through a hijab company. The answer is quite simple. Partner with manufacturers who only practice ethical means of business, provide opportunities to individuals who may not have access to these opportunities otherwise, participate in various social campaigns, provide our customers with exceptional customer service, and lastly, building our business based off the needs of not only our customers, but the needs of society as a whole.
10% of our quarterly profits go towards sponsoring refugee orphans through Helping Hand, a non-profit I trust dearly as I myself traveled abroad with them for humanitarian efforts. I believe talent is vast but opportunity is not, which is why the responsibility of bridging that gap falls onto the shoulders of the individuals creating opportunity. Therefore, we offer educational and entrepreneurship scholarship programs in an effort to allow our fellow ambitious individuals the ability to attain the goals they set out to achieve. Lastly, we offer free business tools and resources to interested individuals.
I have always believed that entrepreneurship is not a means for personal success, but rather the success of a community, and I’m fully committed to witnessing my vision come to life.
With the loving support of our loyal VB family we’re able to continue these efforts and hopefully expand from here on out. I’m proud to announce our Purchase with a Purchase policy has already inspired many small businesses to implement similar efforts. Yes, change takes time, but dedication and faith can make anything possible.
If you’re interested in learning more information about this policy, or in regards to sponsorship of any of the programs we offer, please feel free to email me at sana@veiledbeaut.com.
- Sana Mahmood
Founder & CEO of Veiled Beaut