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Seasonal Wellness Tips

It’s officially Fall! The beautiful season of Autumn is slowly nestling into the atmosphere in the coziest way possible. Comfy sweaters are being pulled out of storage boxes, hot chocolate is bought in bulk, and everyone who loves the colder seasons are excited to see the Earth shed her leaves. Sure, Summer lingers on at the end of the day like a warm embrace that we do not want to let go of, but we cannot stop the coming days from getting shorter and a tad bit colder. Sometimes the chill and the early nights can seep into our minds and put us in mood, but there are ways we can help ourselves harvest more warmth and light in the...

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Back-to-School Tips

Back to school season is officially upon us! Although the decision of whether or not class is in a traditional setting or online has not been fully up to us, now is the time to focus on yourself. Since it may be obvious to purchase notebooks and pencils, we wanted to focus on a list of wellness-inspired tips for getting back to school: Encourage a consistent sleep schedule: Pandemic or not, the summer months always seem to disrupt our sleep schedules. Especially now, since many of our courses are set up online, it can be even more difficult to commit to a sleep schedule. However, you’re setting yourself up for success by ensuring you’re getting the right amount of rest...

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Entrepreneurship 101

Running a business is more than just about buying and selling a product, it’s about creating an effective and efficient system that solves a problem or delivers a desire. The ones mentioned below are just a few key functions to help execute your business: How to Start: First and foremost, choosing a name that aligns with the mission of your business is key to any successful business. To help with branding, choose a name that is meaningful to you - this will go a long way in branding yourself/your story. Once your name has been chosen, think of 4-5 adjectives you want associated with your brand and work towards incorporating those adjectives into every aspect of your business (i.e. if...

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How to Style Dainty Necklaces With Your Hijab

When it comes to accessories, it’s not always a game of either-or, especially with hijab. The latest trend has been all about dainty jewelry! So, as a hijabi how does one rock the look? This week we wanted to give a few pointers on how to layer your favorite necklaces with hijab: With One Necklace: We all love a one necklace statement! Graceful but still adds just the right amount of personality to an outfit. For a one necklace outfit we recommend more lightweight fabrics such as chiffons and modals. These fabrics are light enough to not take away from the necklace itself and even work to complement the elegant nature of your jewelry.  A simple way to style the...

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Summer Styling Tips!

We hope you all are enjoying our new chiffon releases, both neutral and patterned, as much as we are! We have put an incredible amount of effort into these new colors and designs for you all to enjoy. We know styling trendy modest looks can become difficult during the warmer seasons, we know the struggle all too well. So, today we wanted to discuss some tips and tricks to keep you cool and chic while styling our new neutral chiffons, perfect for the summer time! Try to find outfits where you can avoid layering. As cute as it can look, it adds unnecessary pieces which makes your outfit heavier, less breathable, and uncomfortable. So yes, that white linen shirt might...

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