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Vote by Marwa Balkar

I’m sorry if this comes off as harsh: if you’re not voting, don’t complain when you’re attacked. Islamophobic hate crimes are on the rise, and the Muslim ban is in full effect. An important point to note: 64% of candidates either running or are currently in office have openly targeted Muslims.

What are you doing about it? 

“What’s the point of voting? It doesn’t count”
Don’t make the same mistake our parents have made. Their disinvolvement in elections are a big reason as to why Muslims are not directly involved in conversations about us. If US candidates don’t see our demographic show up  in the polls, they know that they don’t have to worry about our opinion because we don’t have enough numbers to stop anything.The current issues may not be directed to the Muslim demographic, but it is our responsibility as Muslims to not remain silent on matters of injustice.

We are stripping children away at the borders from their mothers, many of those children are then locked in cages. Sexual harassment is on the rise. Racially led crimes are on the rise. All of these acts, justified in the minds of the perpetrators, by their party. We are foolish if we think we can blame all of this on Trump. The Republican party is the reason why he gets away with everything, so we need to vote them out. Don’t get me wrong, Democrats are their own kind of mess, but at least they’re not so blatantly putting a target on our backs, and the backs of every other minority. As more and more people of color are running for office under the Democratic flag, we have a brighter future in their hands as compared to the the hands of the Republicans.

Vote because this isn’t about “politics” anymore. Vote because “politics” is directly intertwined with human rights, and it’s your responsibility as a Muslim to raise your voice. We’ll be held accountable if we don’t.

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