The Role Models of Our Time

Continuing our discussion from last week and into this fabulous month of women empowerment, today we wanted to talk about role models who speak not only Veiled Beaut’s mantra but to hundreds and thousands of women across the world.

Fashion Role Models:

Leena Asad from With Love, Leena

Not only is Leena a joy to watch on YouTube, but she brings a fun and fresh outlook through her wardrobe and classic hijab styles. Something we love her for is helping women who struggle with fashion and making them feel empowered and beautiful in hijab.

Jaserah Asadullah from Simply Jaserah

Jaserah began her career by simply wanting to share her hijab journey with us all, and became into something so much bigger than that. She encourages the women around her to stay true to who they are and choose their faith over any fashion trend.

Journalism Role Models:

Tahera Rahman from @taheratv

Tahera Rahman pushes all stereotypes to the side with both a working woman in hijab AND in journalism and media of all fields. She is a determined advocate and to diverse audiences by reporting without immense bias.

Malika Bilal from @mmbilal

Malika Bilal is a broadast journalist, who currently works for Al-Jazeera English in Washington D.C. She empowers her audience by showing her passion through her work by using innovative digital media to democratize storytelling.

Business Role Models:

Melanie Elturk from Haute Hijab

Melanie is widely known in the hijabi and Muslim community as the queen of hijab with her incredible business, Haute Hijab. Showing her power moves by graduating with a law degree and creating a successful business, she uplifts Muslim women and communities by representing her faith in a graceful, stylish, and confident way.

Activist Role Models:

Isra Chaker from @israspeaks

Isra is a civil rights activist, campaigns and advocacy expert, and public speaker. With her firm belief in positive social change, she has created a social media platform @IsraSpeaks to empower individuals all around the world to use their voice to create positive change.

Remaz Khalaleyal from @reresolve_

Remaz is a human rights activist who uses her Sudanese background to raise awareness and give a voice to populations who are unable to speak their rights. She has created an informative forum on her Instagram where Muslim women and other individuals can feel comfortable speaking and protesting their rights.

Community Organizer Role Models:

Farheen Syed from @farheensy_

Farheen uses her platform to coordinate cooperative efforts and campaigns by local individuals to promote the interests of their community through Middle Path Group. With an open and accessible personality, she has created a business that is inherently community-based where she works together with others to make our industry better, with higher standards that benefit us all.

Muslim Scholar Role Models:

Yasmin Mogahed

Yasmin is a Muslim scholar who specializes in spirituality, psychology, and personal development, and is the first female Muslim scholar to become an ustadha (instructor) at al-Maghrib Institute. With her creative writing skills and beautiful way with words, she influences her community to remain faithful to our Master, Allah SWT, and to refuse the deceit of Shaytaan (the Devil) taint our path to Allah.

Researcher Role Models:

Dalia Mogahed

As an author, advisor, and consultant, Dalia Mogahid keeps her finger on the pulse of the Muslim ummah (community). She focuses her research on Muslim-opinion myths and stereotypes while illuminating the varied attitudes of Muslims toward politics, religion, and gender issues.

Political Role Models:

Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar’s place in American politics requires an understanding of the Somali-American community she proudly represents. With her platform, she is one of the first of two Muslim-American women to serve in Congress, and for many, she inched our ummah towards a fuller and open acceptance.

Rashida Tlaib

Born and raised in Detroit and a proud daughter of Palestinian immigrant parents, Rashida Tlaib became one of the first of two Muslim-American women to serve in Congress and serve in the Michigan Legislature. She has initiated many efforts in protecting the public health of her community by organizing the We Have A Right To Breath campaign to get polluting semi-trucks off local neighborhood streets.

Mental Health Professional & Motivational Speaker Role Models:

Saadia Yunus

As a licensed marriage and family therapist and motivational speaker, Saadia Yunus ensures that her clients have the motivation to believe in themselves and transform into the best version of themselves. Her clients grow in inner strength and move beyond the doubts, fears, and obstacles they harbor inside of them that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

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