Summer Styling Tips!

We hope you all are enjoying our new chiffon releases, both neutral and patterned, as much as we are! We have put an incredible amount of effort into these new colors and designs for you all to enjoy. We know styling trendy modest looks can become difficult during the warmer seasons, we know the struggle all too well. So, today we wanted to discuss some tips and tricks to keep you cool and chic while styling our new neutral chiffons, perfect for the summer time!

Try to find outfits where you can avoid layering. As cute as it can look, it adds unnecessary pieces which makes your outfit heavier, less breathable, and uncomfortable. So yes, that white linen shirt might be cute but is it really worth it if you have to wear a full sleeve shirt underneath? Keep in mind different fabrics while shopping- aim for items with long sleeves, thinner non-transparent fabrics (like chiffons!), and looser tops and bottoms. Boho chic is the trend of the summer, take advantage!

Pictured above is one of Sana’s favorite summer outfits! Wide leg mom jeans, a non-transparent chiffon blouse, all paired together with our lightweight Mocha chiffon. Boho chic meets comfortable mom on the go!

Flow is the go! Let’s be honest - it’s already hot enough as it is. As shown above by Sana, wearing flowy articles of clothing from top to bottom makes for an easy and comfortable wear for the hot summer days - and the best part about wearing airy clothes is that you can feel the breeze through the lightness of the fabric! 

Light colors are always the way to go during the warmer seasons. Not only do they match the seasonal palette, but they leave a stunning airy impression. Reach for colors that are known to repel the heat, not absorb it. Modest brands exist for this reason! As tempting as it is to shop mainstream outlets, support the brands that go out of their way to supply fabrics and designs to deal with these pain points.

These rules apply to your hijabs as well! Reach for fabrics that are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. Chiffon, cotton, and viscose are great options for an easy comfortable style! Undercaps also act as a barrier against the sun’s rays and can minimize the effects of seasonal headaches (wearing comfortable hijabs will also help with this!).

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