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Speak Peacefully With Others

Speaking with peace and respect - this is the most honorable way to give regards to your loved ones. The role of respect and peace in Islam begins with loving and obeying the commandments of Allah (SWT) and from this respect come all the morals and mannerisms that are fundamental as a Muslim.

“And speak to him with gentle speech that perhaps he may be reminded or fear [Allah].” {al-Quran, 20:44}

Respect for humanity means to love for our fellow brothers and sisters what we love for ourselves. The beautiful foundation of our religion is that it binds respect to peace, love, and compassion, making it easier for us to honor our Lord and His creations. Our Deen teaches us to treat others the way we want to be treated, and more importantly, the way we hope Allah SWT will view our deeds. Another way to implement peaceful speech is by avoiding the discussion of the unnecessary. Speak about things with your brothers and sisters that will benefit the both of you, which includes reflections of the Quran, ‘ah-ha’ moments in your daily life, and avoiding any backbiting during your conversation.

“And they who turn away from ill speech.” {al-Quran, 23:3}

Backbiting can be seen as mere words that will brush over with no harm done. However, words, positive or negative, have powerful and far-reaching effects. Not only can it leave a lasting impression about your personal character, but the person you’re speaking to can then spread your words to others, and the effects of your words will spread like wildfire. In Islam backbiting is compared to eating the dead flesh of your brother. It is not something that should be taken lightly, and although it is incredibly widespread amongst our communities, we should make an active effort to avoid it and encourage others to be mindful of their speech as well. 

“...if any of you does evil in ignorance, and thereafter repents and does righteous good deeds (by obeying God), then surely, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” {al-Quran 6:54}

Let’s make the best of this Ramadan and use the patience that we acquire from it to communicate peacefully with one another and eliminate ill speech from our vocabulary, insha’Allah. 10 fasts down, 20 more to go - may Allah make it easy and fruitful for us all.

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