Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude

Counting your blessings, noticing the simple pleasures of life, and simply acknowledging all the events in your life are ways of practicing mindful gratitude. 

Gratitude can sometimes be misunderstood as solely focusing on the good in your life and ignoring all the curve balls life can throw at you. On the contrary, the beauty of gratitude is being in constant awareness of what you have been given, good or bad, and how one can benefit and learn from the positive and negative aspects of this dunya (this world). Here are a few ways that can help in practicing gratitude:

Keep a Journal:

As we’re only human, it can get hard to remember all the special moments in our life. Documenting the little wins throughout your day can help in expressing gratitude. Flipping through a little notebook and having everything that makes you happy laid out in front of you comes in handy when you’re going through the tougher times in life.

Give Back:

Volunteering at your local masjid, rounding up to the next dollar at the grocery store so they can donate to charity, or finding ways to give back your gratefulness for your loved ones - these are great ways of staying in a state of gratitude. Helping others feels liberating, and once you start making it a habit, it becomes all the more natural. 

Be Mindful of How You Speak to Others:

The easiest way to stay away from negative vibes is to be mindful of your speech. Eliminating gossip can make you feel lighter, happier, and more optimistic. Have you ever noticed how you feel after talking badly of others? Constantly harping on negative factors does more harm to your character than it does on the person you’re speaking about. And altogether, it does nothing for your state of gratitude.

Admire others, give credit where due, and learn from the events that take place from your life. There is always something you can benefit from, whether it is good or bad. Let us know how our tips help you and what more we can do collectively as a community to practice gratitude.

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