Seasonal Wellness Tips

It’s officially Fall! The beautiful season of Autumn is slowly nestling into the atmosphere in the coziest way possible. Comfy sweaters are being pulled out of storage boxes, hot chocolate is bought in bulk, and everyone who loves the colder seasons are excited to see the Earth shed her leaves. Sure, Summer lingers on at the end of the day like a warm embrace that we do not want to let go of, but we cannot stop the coming days from getting shorter and a tad bit colder. Sometimes the chill and the early nights can seep into our minds and put us in mood, but there are ways we can help ourselves harvest more warmth and light in the coming weeks. Here are a few seasonal wellness tips that can help you find peace and gratification during the Fall:

Setting Intentions in the Morning

To give your day more purpose, set your intentions in the morning. You can jot them down in a journal used only for this exercise, or you can sit in a peaceful space and let yourself think about what you want to accomplish for the day. I find it helpful to keep my phone away for this part of my day, because it can be a distraction and it also floods my mind early in the morning with so many small and sometimes unimportant things. My favorite way to consciously set my intentions is grabbing a glass of water in the morning and making my way to my backyard. Not only do I connect with my Creator through the sounds of the birds chirping, but I also connect by setting my intentions for the sake of Allah (SWT). 

Staying in Tune with Nature

I believe that connecting with nature is powerful. Just taking a walk around the block and breathing in the fresh air, soaking in the changing colors, and noticing the small things in nature can change our mood drastically. This is also a great moment to remind ourselves of the greatness of our Lord and appreciate what He (SWT) has given us. I find going out an hour before the sun sets to be one of the best times for a long walk. Golden light floods every corner and bounces off flowers, leaves, and branches. It is absolutely magical!

Have Some Me-Time

Autumn is the season of slowing down and taking things easy. Just like the Earth is slowly and patiently transitioning from one stage to the other, we are too. Sometimes during this transition, we lose track of the hours and forget about taking care of ourselves and our mental health. That is why it is important to take a chunk of time out of the day, even thirty minutes works fine, to show yourself some love-shmove! Whether it be taking a warm bath surrounded by scented candles, a coffee break at your favorite coffee shop, a Zoom call with the bestie, or just an hour to do something you love like paint or read, do it, and bask fully in the moment while letting yourself completely relax.

Do Some “Fall Cleaning”

Just like we purge our closets in the spring, we can do the same in the fall. It’s therapeutic to just take everything out of our closets and dump it on the floor and then sort everything out into three piles: the “I still love this” pile, the “I will wear this very soon” pile, and the “it’s time to let this go” pile. I also throw in an extra pile and that is the “I still haven’t worn this since Spring, so it needs to go now” pile. By the way, to make this process even better and a little more adventurous, donate your “it’s time to let this go” pile to your local thrift store. A lot of people will be grateful for your donations.

I pray that these tips help you maintain wellness so you can enjoy the poetic season of autumn in the most peaceful and beautiful way!

Nargis is a writer and artist pursuing a double bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and English at George Mason University. She loves to connect with nature, photograph dreamy self-portraits, go thrift shopping, and write poetry.

Instagram: @nargisonthemoon

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