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Ramadan Blog Post- Second Ashra


Subhan’Allah, we’ve already entered the second ten days of this blessed month. Let this serve as a reminder for us that our life is bound to pass as quickly as we experience this month so we must make the most of our time in this dunya. May Allah put barakah in our efforts and our time, ameen.

We normally witness a surge of people the first few nights of Ramadan, a dip in the middle, and then an increase once again towards Laila-tul-Qadr. However, we should really aim to keep up our dedication and passion throughout the middle as well due to its incredible significance of achieving Allah’s maghfirah (forgiveness).

The Prophet (P.B.U.H) has said: “Do repent in this month to Allah for your sins, and supplicate with raised hands at the time of prayer as these are the best times, during which Allah Al-Mighty looks at his servants with mercy. Allah answers if they supplicate, responds if they call, grants if He is asked, and accepts if they entreat. O People! You have made your conscience the slave of your desires. Make it free by invoking Allah for forgiveness. Your back may break from the heavy load of your sins, so prostrate (sajda) yourself before Allah, for long intervals, and make this load lighter.”

We spend our year committing wrong, intentionally or unintentionally, and we know Allah loves to forgive so why do we take this act of ibaadah so lightly? The doors of heaven are open and the gates to hellfire are closed, Allah’s mercy is vast, and His blessings are ready to be dispersed.

So, spend the next ten days and nights in the remembrance of Allah. If you’ve experienced a tough year it’s time to turn to the only One who can heal and help you. Allah loves when we ask from Him. Ask for His forgiveness and forever reap the fruits of his love and mercy.

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