Ramadan Blog Post- Last Ashra

Salaam to our lovely VB family,

We’ve now entered the last ten days of Ramadan- also known as the days where our mosques are overcrowded, and our nights become restless. However, as tiring and overwhelming as these days may be, they’re also the most beloved to us.

So, what can we do to make the most of these days?

  1. Observe itikaf:

One of the greatest acts of sunnah during the last ten days of Ramadan is the observance of itikaf. The Prophet (pbuh) would go into seclusion and spend the last ten nights in prayer, worship, and reflection. We know this might be tricky with busy schedules but now is the time to remember our purpose in this dunya, it is for the pleasure of Allah, not people. If you’re not able to do all ten nights, then strive to do the odd nights so that you can ensure you will not miss Layla-tul-qadr.


  1. Voluntary prayers:

Although the first twenty days of Ramadan are also very important, we want to ensure that we end Ramadan on a positive and impactful note. For this reason, we should aim to pray as many nawafils (voluntary prayers) as possible as each prayer brings more reward and blessings.


  1. Don’t miss Layla-tul-Qadr:

We might not know the exact date of this sacred night, but we do know that it is amongst the odd nights during the last ten days of Ramadan. The virtues and rewards of this night are better than a thousand nights, only Allah knows its true value. Observing this holy night should be one of the prime objectives of the last of ashra of Ramadan.  


  1. Make a dua list:

As we’re planning to spend the last ten days in (hopefully) intense ibaadah, it’ll help to have your duas written and thought out beforehand. In order to ensure you ask for every single thing you need, and for everyone your heart desires, it’s important to have this task done beforehand. Set aside 30 minutes, seclude yourself, grab a pen and paper, and start reflecting and writing.


On the behalf of the entire Veiled Beaut team, we sincerely pray for everyone’s success and ease during these last few days. May your days be full of barakah, blessings, and pure serenity. May we all reap the reward and immense blessings of these days and may we be amongst the ones to observe Layla-tul-qadr. Ameen.

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