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NY Modest Fashion Expo


VB headed to New York this past weekend to attend the first ever NY Modest Fashion Expo. The expo took place on Sunday from 12-6pm hosted by Al-Shams Islamic Apparel and showcased over a dozen Muslim brands. Attendees had the opportunity to shop, get to know these brands better, and of course, enjoy some refreshments. Although VB didn’t set up shop for the day, we explored, networked, and did some shopping of our own.

We wanted to take a moment to highlight this event because although the turnout was great, there wasn’t much buzz around the event. Muslim women have been making strides to make the lives of American Muslim women easier, however, they just don’t get the same credit as these large corporations such as Nike do. Why is it that our loyalty to these corporations seem to be unwavering in comparison to the support we give our own women? How can we expect our Muslim community to thrive if we don’t give it the support it needs?

Yes, an event of this sort may seem small in comparison to the million-dollar advertising campaigns done by larger corporations, but it’s important to note that an event like this was created for Muslim women by Muslim women. No one knows us or understands our pains as a market the way these women do, it’s the reason they keep pushing forward. They have one goal in mind; to ease the pains you face every day. Can we say the same about these corporations?

Despite the fatigue that comes with a long a day trip, we can confidently say that attending this event was worth the 6am start and 11pm return. We couldn’t be prouder of the strides we as Muslim women are making, but we also know and understand the amount of work that needs to get done. We’re back to work and more focused than ever- now, who’s ready for a DMV Modest Fashion Expo :) 

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