Navigating Through COVID-19: Staying Alert vs. Panicking

COVID-19. The number of individuals affected by this virus climbs to higher numbers every time we tap our phone screens, switch on the TV, or hear on the radio. There’s no denying how prevalent this virus has become since December. Umrah visas have been temporarily halted, Jummah and other congregational prayers have been canceled, Sunday school and weekly masjid halaqas have been postponed indefinitely. It’s a lot to wrap our heads around in such a short period of time, especially seeing the negative effects this virus has taken on our society; from grocery aisles being wiped out to social distancing, our world has drastically changed. 

It’s okay to be worried and it’s okay to be concerned because with these valid reactions comes a natural push to tighten the rope that connects us with our Creator, trust in His infinite wisdom and mercy, and continue to follow the proper precautions we are receiving from our government. 

What should I do during this time?

DO NOT hoard and stock up on more than you need. Have enough essentials for the next 2-3 weeks. It’s important that we remember to be mindful and show immense compassion during this trying time. 

DO NOT panic. Stay alert, but panicking will not make the problem go away. We are all dealing with this matter in whichever way fits us - continue to keep in contact with loved ones and keep your hands clean.

DO NOT forget our most vulnerable populations to COVID-19. Your services are needed to care, support, and guide those who are elderly and immunocompromised.

DO keep your hands clean and avoid touching your face. Even if you’re just sitting at home, wash your hands multiple times throughout the day for 20 seconds. 

DO increase your ibaadah (worship) during this time, it will bring you an immense amount of contentment and sukoon (peace). 

What if I think I have symptoms?

Contact and stay in communication with your primary care provider for guidance and to obtain the recommended protocol.

What can I do for my mental health?

Fresh air will be your best friend during this confusing time. Get out for a walk and soak in that much-needed vitamin D, however, remember to avoid crowds. A simple walk around your neighborhood will suffice.

FaceTime. Skype. Zoom. Schedule virtual hangout sessions with friends and family to help in staying engaged with society.

Pick up a new hobby. Reading, projects, fitness, or online courses. We are always saying we don’t have the time for these things with the hustle and bustle of this world. It’s at a halt right now, take advantage.


Additionally, consider the following dua for you and your loved ones’ protection during these uncertain times:

Be safe everyone! Take all the necessary precautions you can and trust in your Lord (SWT). The Veiled Beaut team is praying for your safety, health, and protection.

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