Marketing 101

Marketing isn’t just an important part of your business - it is your business. All aspects of your company depend on how you market it. The results you want from your marketing efforts will essentially be selling your company’s products or services, but it’s much more than taking a nice picture or having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram layout. For example, advertising, product design, and consumer research are great ways in matching your product to your following base. The value of marketing comes from allowing businesses to attain long-lasting relationships with their audience and the individuals they work with. 

Quality content and photographs, especially in today’s world, increase the connection a business has with their audience in an effective way. The higher the quality of your content and photographs, the more people you will attract, and furthermore, potential customers! Another great reason to maintain media is for your audience to be able to share your content. The main aim for any marketing strategy is to spread the word- the more people who know about your business, the more successful it will be. Thanks to social media today, it enables all of us to share photos and videos, helping to target bigger pools of audience.

Additionally, brand identity is going to be a big player in your marketing technique. Brand image or identity is how you want to express your business to your consumers, which includes your business name, your logo design, the theme of your graphics, and your tone of voice. Being able to instantly recognize your company is key to becoming a strong business. Your logo will immediately relay the message you are trying to convey to your audience and is very important to your business because it almost directly affects your sales and market share.

Especially for small businesses, companies are consistently looking for ways to differentiate themselves apart from their competitors. A crowded marketplace can be stressful, but a strong brand identity will help set you apart. Focusing on these pointers first as a small business, will help jumpstart your company for success and stand out from the competition.

Although marketing is a key factor into the success of your company, know that everything is a process. Marketing expenses are amongst the highest operational costs for a business so you might not have the perfect start. Our Founder, Sana, invested in a professional camera of her own and learned how to take pictures because she didn’t have a large marketing budget when she first began Veiled Beaut. 

The first picture below was taken three years ago when she was still shooting her own content, and as she’s grown this company she’s been able to outsource product photography to a professional photographer, as seen right below it. Most small businesses aren’t backed by large investors, rather just a team of dedicated individuals. Entrepreneurship is a process, and business is ever-changing, so always remember to be patient with your process and enjoy your journey because if you put in the hard work, insha’Allah you will see the fruits of your labor soon. Keep your intentions pure and your chin up, you got this. 


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