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Keeping Your Peace in Self Isolation

Communicate with friends & family:

Stay in touch with loved ones through FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or any other online platforms. Just because you’re strictly encouraged to stay distant physically doesn’t mean we need to socially. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with loved ones, take advantage! 

Create structure through healthy habits and routine:

Wake up and fall asleep at the same time every day- and no, that doesn’t mean stay up late and wake up late. If you begin to start your day earlier you’ll notice an immense amount of barakah throughout your day. This will help you create a healthy routine that will allow more focus and productivity for your daily tasks. 

Tip: Taking a walk and embracing the sunlight and fresh air can go a long way in the pursuit of mental clarity.

Consume healthy and nutritious foods:

Fuel your mind and body with nutritious meals to reduce mental and physical fatigue, and increase your immune system with nutrient-dense food. Do not let this quarantine get the best of your laziness by increasing your intake of food that is harmful to our bodies. 

Spend a little more time in salah:

You have so much more time to dedicate to prayer. It seems as if before the world slowed down we were consumed by the daily motions that filled our days, but now you can comfortably give your salah the dedication and focus it deserves. With Ramadan less than a month away, take this time to spiritually prepare. Most of us will have the privilege of being home, an opportunity that we’ve never had before. Try to plan and schedule your days now, work on a dua list, and make your prayers a little longer so when Ramadan comes you can make the most out of the holy month. 

Research your resources:

Stay up to date on COVID-19. Use reliable sources of networks and know what to expect in the near future. Additionally, schools and shelters are providing food and care packages for individuals and children in need during this time. Do not hesitate to research out to access the resources available near you.

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