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How To Style Printed Chiffons

One of this summer’s biggest trends is prints - but how does one master the art of rocking printed hijabs with a floral dress? Very recently, Veiled Beaut launched their first ever collection of printed chiffon hijabs, and a common question we’ve been asked is how on earth do we incorporate these beautiful scarves into our everyday style? Let’s get started on the basics!

When it comes to styling prints, one rule of thumb that should be followed is to match each print with a similar print, or, if you’re wearing a more basic outfit without too many patterns, style the colors to match with the base color of the printed hijab. For example, our all-time favorite chiffon hijab, “Cherry Blossom” would look stunning with a basic white/cream shirt or even a floral maxi in the same color range.

As mentioned earlier, prints go amazingly with basics, especially if you use a more subtle print and combine it with a bold color. For example, our soft “Pink Petals” chiffon hijab is the perfect subtle print to play around with more bold outfits. You can combine a pleated pink maxi skirt that has a soft print on it with a white shirt to top it off. Same can be applied to our “High Tea” chiffon - a dark green collared shirt paired with mom jeans makes a beautiful statement in the fashion world.

And lastly, you can never go wrong with a monochromatic look! Sometimes, it can be hard to find outfits that have the same pattern as your hijab. One hijab whose pattern you cannot go wrong with is our “Sky Blue Florals” chiffon hijab. Not only are there multiple ways you can style this hijab, but it is also a popular print with colors that can be found more commonly.

We want to ensure that these styling tips are taken for what they are, just tips! There is no right or wrong way in the fashion world, do what makes you feel beautiful and confident. That being said, we would love to see your creativity with our new collection, located here. Don’t forget to tag #VBFam or #VBSpotted in your photos!

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