How to Style Dainty Necklaces With Your Hijab

When it comes to accessories, it’s not always a game of either-or, especially with hijab. The latest trend has been all about dainty jewelry! So, as a hijabi how does one rock the look? This week we wanted to give a few pointers on how to layer your favorite necklaces with hijab:

With One Necklace:

We all love a one necklace statement! Graceful but still adds just the right amount of personality to an outfit. For a one necklace outfit we recommend more lightweight fabrics such as chiffons and modals. These fabrics are light enough to not take away from the necklace itself and even work to complement the elegant nature of your jewelry. 

A simple way to style the hijab to make the jewelry more noticeable is to toss both needs of your hijab over your shoulders.

With Two Necklaces:

Who doesn’t love a good stacked necklace look?! A modal or viscose fabric is the way to go when stacking your dainty necklaces. Here’s the secret: leave one end of your hijab in the front and wrap the second end all the way around bringing both ends to the front - voila! A new style and your necklaces are still front and center.

With Multiple Necklaces:

It takes a special kind of confidence to rock multiple necklaces - and we know our VB family has exactly that! Some good fabric suggestions for a multiple stacked look are cotton, modal, woven viscose, and rayon- fabrics that are a bit thicker in nature to complement the look of the stacked necklaces. 

An elegant way to style your hijab with these necklaces is to leave one end of your hijab in the front and toss the second end over your shoulder - simple as that!

We hope you benefit from our tips on how to style your dainty necklace, and don’t forget to tag #VBSpotted so we can see how you confidently style your VB hijabs with your jewelry! 

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