Happy World Hijab Day!

Veiled Beaut is proud to celebrate World Hijab Day! Today, we acknowledge the lifestyle chosen by millions of women around the world. Alongside this, it is an opportunity for ALL women to walk in the shoes of hijab-wearing women with the intention of promoting religious tolerance and understanding from Muslims to non-Muslims alike. We are proud to encourage this year’s motto, “Unity in Diversity” by speaking about gaining opportunities as a professional while observing hijab. 


We want to have a fair chance, just like everybody else, and to some hijab can be seen as an obstacle to the opportunities we seek. We’ve all been there, and we understand these hurdles all too personally, but along the way we’ve come to appreciate a couple of things:


You stand out. Use this to your advantage and hype up your confidence. You’ve already set yourself apart from the rest before even uttering a word. 


You embody strength. Being a Muslim woman and a minority is one thing, but the fact that you are wearing the flag of your imaan speaks to your bravery, confidence, and patience — the necessary skills needed to succeed. Again, you display these characteristics without needing to utter a word. 


You break stereotypes and glass ceilings. Walk in confidently, give a firm handshake, and smile wide. Just by doing this much you may have turned their media-driven image of an oppressed Muslim woman into someone they respect right from the beginning. 


Remember that Allah (SWT) is always with you. He will help you find alternatives in every tough situation and give you the confidence that you need to surpass them. Hijab is a constant struggle and there will always be times of doubt, insecurity, and detachment. Despite what some may say, it’s normal to have those passing feelings, but when they do rise, search your heart. Deep down you know the reason you put your hijab on- for the sake of Allah (SWT). A strong grip on your faith will always bring you back to what’s really important so don’t let the temptations of this world grab ahold of you. When you begin to feel detached from hijab, we urge you to spend more time caring for your soul. Read more Qur’an, attend a halaqah, listen to lectures, fast- do anything that will help you taste the sweetness of your faith and inshaAllah those feelings of detachment will cease to exist. May Allah (SWT) make hijab easy on those who observe it & reward our Ummah for our everyday efforts, Ameen.


We would love to see your take on World Hijab Day by tagging this year’s hashtag, #EmpoweredInHijab. From all of us at Veiled Beaut, Happy World Hijab Day! 

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