For the Love of Helping Hand- Post 4

750 million people around the world lack access to safe water; that is approximately one in nine people. (WHO)

Why is it that 750 million people around the world lack one of the most basic necessities needed in order to survive? We really need to ask ourselves how we reached this point, how our hearts have become so hard that we’ve forgotten about the individuals that Allah has entrusted us with.

During my time in Kenya I was able to visit some of the donated water wells and interact with the beneficiaries of the various wells. Time after time dozens of individuals came up to us to express their gratitude towards Helping Hand for placing the much needed water well in their community. An obvious result, water wells provide fresh, clean water for an entire community. However, no one discusses the other benefits which result from the installation of these wells.

1. Children are able to go to school again. Many of the locals told us that before the well was installed they relied on the municipal for water, but when the municipal ran out, which occurred quite often, the children were left with the responsibility to search for water. Throughout their journey in search of water the children had to skip school, and in some cases it would take days to find a source. 

2. The water from the well allowed the community to create an entire new channel for food, they were finally able to grow their own crops. 

3. Using water from the well decreased their chances of contracting water-borne diseases as they now had access to clean water.

The Water for Life program provides access to clean drinking water through the installation of hand pumps, water filtration plants, construction of tube-wells, water wells, water storage tanks, and water supply sources created to meet the basic and livelihood needs of individuals all over the world.

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Many of us have the privilege to drink water immediately upon desire, but what we fail to realize is that there are so many individuals who cannot do the same. I encourage you to advocate and create awareness of this issue, start a campaign with your friends to raise funds and give a community access to clean water, or volunteer your time with organizations that work towards alleviating the pain and suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters.

Sana Mahmood
Founder of Veiled Beaut


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