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For the Love of Helping Hand- Post 1

As you all may know by now, I traveled to Kenya with the nonprofit organization Helping Hand (HH). I embarked on this journey with a group of 12 young women who had one goal in mind- to better understand what we can do for our brothers and sisters in need. 

The objective of this blog post and the ones to come, is to educate our VB family about Helping Hand. I previously traveled with this organization to Jordan in the summer of 2016 to volunteer with Syrian and Palestinian refugees- the inspiration behind our Purchase with a Purpose policy. Only God knows the extent of my love and admiration for this organization, but at VB we aim to be as transparent as possible with you since 10% of your purchase goes directly towards sponsoring orphans through HH.

Helping Hand offers two yearly trips for the youth, one for Jordan in the summer and one in Kenya during the winter. The purpose of these trips is to understand the different situations and circumstances and work with your team (or individually) to do as much good as you can within your own communities. Helping Hand likes to refer to the volunteers that travel abroad with them as ambassadors. Now, that might sound like fun (and it is) but it is also a huge responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Traveling with the HH team is just the start, coming back and working with your communities is where the real work begins.

I’ve had many questions about going on these trips and whether or not I would recommend them- short answer, yes. I wholeheartedly, undoubtedly, and unequivocally would recommend going on a trip with HH if you have the opportunity to do so. A trip with HH will change your life and alter your perspective for the better, this I can guarantee. For me personally, it brought a sense of clear purpose to my life in this world. I was always passionate about serving the greater of humanity, but after interacting with real people, hearing their stories, and playing with their children, it solidified what I want to do with my time in this world. It brought me peace and happiness. It strengthened my imaan. It taught me patience. It softened my heart. It expanded my perspective. It taught me how to deal with the problems one may face in this world, and also taught me that the problems we face are nothing compared to what others may have to deal with. It taught me how to be grateful in all situations, good or bad. It filled my heart with the concept of minimalism in all aspects of my life. And lastly, it truly taught me how to love for others what I love for myself.

Over the next few blog posts I’ll be discussing our day-to-day activities, some personal reflections, and what we can do with the resources we have been blessed with. I pray whoever reads these posts and enjoins in good be rewarded immensely and may they benefit from the endless amount of duas we received from the children and the elders we met. Ameen.

To learn more about Helping Hand and all of its efforts, please visit their website here.

Sana Mahmood
Founder of Veiled Beaut

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