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For the Love of Helping Hand- Post 3

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mendela

If there is anything I am certain of, its that those words are indeed the truth. As I reflected upon my day every night my thoughts always came to the same conclusion; there are so many issues around the world and education really is the only force that not only empowers but also instills a sense of change.

As an individual I might not be able to solve the refugee crisis, end world hunger, or put a stop to poverty. However, I can work towards educating a child, and not only that, but I can work towards educating my own community on the importance of this topic. We’ve seen it time after time- broken communities that begins to place an importance on educating their children slowly begin to put together their shattered pieces and change their reality as a community.

Whether it was visiting the courageous refugees in Jordan or meeting the beautiful people of Kenya, it became crystal clear what we as individuals and communities can do to help these bright souls; educate anyone and everyone. Working with an organization like Helping Hand and hearing the different stories about how education is changing the lives of these children was nothing but inspiring. Many of the children we met were at war with generational poverty; living in a home built with steel sheets was their reality, but for the children who were able to receive a sponsored education, it became quite clear to see their dreams and aspirations widen as they excelled in school. It’s as if education is all they need to believe that they can change their circumstance, it really is their golden ticket to freedom.

When you educate a child you not only change the future of that particular child, but you also change the future of their community as well. Only God knows what an empowered child is capable of, whether that’s leading a revolution or altering the state of their current reality, it’s always for the better.

I encourage everyone reading this post to vow to do their best in trying to educate a child. If it seems difficult to go far, always remember the need is everywhere. Start within your own communities by reaching out to organizations which aim to alleviate the struggles of our youth, find local refugees and assist them with whatever they may need assistance with, or if you don’t have the time to volunteer then sponsor a child’s education and send them words of encouragement and support. Lastly, be grateful for all the opportunities you have been blessed with- what we take for granted, others spend their entire lives trying to achieve. Alhamdulilah, always.

To learn more about sponsoring a child please visit HHRD

Sana Mahmood
Founder of Veiled Beaut

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