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Empowering Girls & Young Women: An Interview with CURE Bar Founder, Zobaida Falah

In honor of ending Women’s History Month on a good note, Veiled Beaut asked fellow entrepreneur, Zobaida Falah, all about how she got started making CURE Bars. Zobaida uses her grandmother’s “secret cure for everything” ingredient, black seed to create a powerful and delicious treat, the CURE Bar. We had the honor of speaking with Zobaida about her phenomenal initiative. 


  1.     How did you get started with the CURE Bar business? Fill us in about your background! 

The Black Seed is an ancient medicinal remedy that has been used in different cultures for centuries. My Middle Eastern grandmother used to force me to eat it growing up, calling it her secret “CURE” for everything. She lived to be over 95 years old and was always fit as a fiddle. As a school teacher, I witnessed my students coming to class eating refined sugars and bad carbs and any time I asked them, “Why do you eat so poorly?” a very common response was “healthy food just doesn’t taste good.” I realized I wanted to change this societal stigma by introducing the world’s healthiest superfood in a modern durable treat that everyone could enjoy. That’s why I created the CURE Bar. 

  1.   How did you find an established space for your brand on this vast network?

I realized that the black seed was very unutilized in American cuisine, so I vowed to take this ancient seed and turn it into something that everyone eats on a daily basis.

  1.     What made you come up with your donation policy? 

This was simple, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to give back to the less fortunate. CURE is a holistic lifestyle brand, so if you buy our products, you also adopt our lifestyle of giving back.

  1.   What made you choose black seed oil as the key ingredient in your bars? 

My grandmother, who was always so healthy inspired the key ingredient in our bars. I took inspiration from a recipe she used to feed me as a child and tweaked it to create a superfood nutritional snack bar.

  1.   Authenticity and staying true to yourself is really important to you. Has there ever been a time when you’ve turned down an opportunity because it just wasn’t you? 

Yes. I have had offers to acquire the brand in the past which I turned away because our ideals did not align.

  1.   You’ve done a great job of building a personal brand online. How did you decide what direction you would take in doing so?

I stayed true to my ultimate vision and mission which is to change the way people eat and help people have better health. CURE started off as a single bar. When I saw the demand, I realized I was on to something and had to continue expanding our product lines. This led to speaking engagements and other opportunities. I really try to use my personal brand to highlight philanthropy, business advice, and motivation on living a happy and healthier life.

  1.   Any words of wisdom to share regarding starting a business and building loyalty?

Integrity in every sense of the word. Learn it, adopt it and implement it in your business practice. Even if you don’t succeed at first, this is the greatest way to achieve customer loyalty.

  1.   What’s the future of CURE Bars?

You will have to follow along on our social media to find out what the future holds! @cureyourworld.

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