A Ramadan Success Guide: Pre-Ramadan Edition

Let’s be real - many of us have hefty goals to achieve in Ramadan and we wish to transform ourselves into our best version. Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of how to prepare yourself for Ramadan, let’s talk about the steps needed to take before you sit down and write down your Ramadan goals. Achieving success, especially in this holy month, is not by chance, it comes from strategy, and that strategy comes from getting ahead of the game before Ramadan arrives - let’s get into it, shall we?



During Ramadan, don’t you feel like your laundry list of things to do is neverending? Imagine taking care of everything before Ramadan starts. By doing this, your head is clear and the opportunity for optimizing your day to achieve maximum success is even greater. Not only does completing the endless list of errands keep you distracted, but while fasting, can get overwhelming and throw off your entire worship routine in Ramadan. Doctor appointments and necessities for your home, families, and children - get those done by opening your planner and see what tasks need attention within the next month. Start now!


Decluttering. Dusting. Disinfecting. Who else feels satisfied when their bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom is spotless? Feel the benefits of a lucid mind and contentment in Ramadan and put that free time towards Allah and self-development. Now that we’re almost a month out from the holy month, week-by-week, focus your cleaning energy on one room at a time. By the time Ramadan is here, your house will be spotless and your mind will be prepared for success and ibaadah. 


Now is the best time to get started on Eid prep. Whether that be buying gifts for your loved ones or stocking up on Eid decorations, do it now! When we wait until the first of Ramadan to start prepping for Eid, we’re taking away valuable time that could be spent focusing on our ibaadah and trying to make the most of Ramadan. Start by writing a list of everything you need (gifts, decorations, clothing, etc.) and start tackling them one by one. 

Minus the spiritual aspect, this is how we pre-prep for Ramadan to get the most out of the blessed month, and we hope these tips serve purposeful for your journey too!

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