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A Ramadan Prep Guide

We are just a couple weeks out from one of the most blessed months of the year. It was the way of our Prophet Muhammad (S) to prepare for the holy month of Ramadan in advance- especially with this unique time of solitude, it is important that we begin to prepare the body and soul for a period of extreme importance. Here’s how you can prepare for Ramadan 2020:

  • Make prayer a routine:
  • Salah is one of the most incredible acts of worship to connect with our Almighty (SWT). If you have missed prayers in the last year, now is the time to make up for those missed chances and build a reliable routine that you can carry out during and after Ramadan. This will also help motivate you to pray Nawafil (extra) prayers, which will only work towards your benefit during Ramadan. 

  • Seek Forgiveness
  • Remember, Allah (SWT) has kept the doors of forgiveness wide open for us, especially during this month. Repent and seek forgiveness before and during this blessed month - that is a reward in itself.

  • Eat Healthy:
  • Fasting can be a challenging experience for some of us. It’s crucial that we include the key dietary elements as a source of energy that might be missing in your current diet. Our cravings will often create an imbalance in our diet, and Ramadan is the time to bring that balance back. Do your research and create a healthy plan that will prevent you from overeating - a mistake that is too common during Ramadan and only leads to further fatigue and exhaustion.

  • Goal Setting:
  • While we certainly want to make a vigorous effort to push ourselves above and beyond our normal spiritual limits, it is important to not create unrealistic goals that we cannot meet. These unrealistic goals result in unrealistic expectations that can actually cause a rapid loss of momentum. Schedule each week, organize and record your Ramadan goals and commitments, and accomplish one hurdle at a time.

  • Limit Social Media:
  • Social media can be a blessing or our biggest distraction. Start by limiting your time on social media now so you’re not tempted to constantly grab your phone once Ramadan begins. Make an effort to mindfully browse your accounts- whatever you do, do it with a purposeful intention. 

    The blessings of Ramadan will be showered upon us very soon, insha’Allah. We hope your transformation into this blessed month is a smooth one, and please do reach out to us if you need advice on how to get started. These times are unprecedented. Only Allah knows who will receive the blessing of experiencing this holy month, do not take it for granted because some of us may not be able to witness it again. 

    Praying for your health, safety, and peaceful contentment - always. 

    -The VB Team

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