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A Beginners Guide to Fall Fashion

Fall is a unique season where we take the opportunity to vamp up our closets with rich colors and expressive prints. Since fall fashion is naturally a little more elevated than the warmer months, we are pleased to introduce Nsreen from @thedailynsreen, who will help us seek out comfortable pieces that still offer that polish look we crave this season.

How to Style:


Solid print hijabs are a go-to for all seasons, but they’re especially essential during the Fall season. We tend to wear thicker tops + coats and veer towards solid hijabs to accommodate all the extra textures! Chiffons are a great Autumnal hijab choice since it can keep a gal cool against all the added layers the season brings on. Sometimes it gets a little tricky matching solid with a patterned or all monochrome look. I’m here to help you simplify your hijab styling a few different ways.

First, let’s talk about a monochrome look. Shades of grey, browns, and nudes are huge this season, but matching these outfits are a bit tough since you never know what shade to choose for your hijab. I’ve found the easiest way to make a monochrome look work is by matching your hijab to your accessories. Sometimes bringing in too many colors can make you feel imperfect and maybe too sloppy, but there’s a science to it! Below I’ve attached two different ways of styling a brown monochrome outfit.


Here, I stuck to a dark brown for all accessories and hijab. It makes the look appear super polished and is a safer way to do a monochromatic look.

Here, I went for a cooler toned show and hijab, but kept the bag warm-toned to match the skirt and sweater. It appears to blend perfectly because it’s still two colors.

You want to play with monochrome looks until you feel comfortabe with the amount of shades, tones, and textures. Don’t expect your look to feel 10/10 the first time around! Fashion is trial and error, girlfriend!


Styling mixed patterns is a little bit harder but is super fun to do. The key to a mixed pattern look is the perfect hijab to lock in the entire look.

Solid hijabs come in handy for mix-patterns, textures, and silhouettes. Mixing patterns is actually my favorite fall trend. Fashion Week and the fun of layering for cooler seasons gets my creative juices flowing and I can’t help by mixing patterns weekly!

One of my FAVORITE combos this season is cheetah print and plaid looks. This is a fun yet sophisticated due to the straight lines of plaid. A darker mix is perfect for a dinner or late night. For brunch with the girls or a lunch with a coworker, go for lighter shades! A hijab and accessories can make all the difference to shake up your look. Go from a light hijab to a darker one to transition your outfit for evening, as I show you how below!

Nsreen is a fashion and lifestyle content creator from Detroit. Styling and fashion have been her form of expression for years now. She has so much fun styling unique trends and pieces, especially as a hijabi.

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