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How to Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

Leading a healthy lifestyle can seem intimidating and quite frankly, a little miserable. Trust me, I’ve been there. Why would someone give up the prospect of eating anything they desire, to chew leaves all day like some rabbit, am I right? To have to go to the gym every day after work and hop on a treadmill when you can be at home watching Netflix? Or having to quit carbs when that’s the only thing you look forward to after a long day at work? What if I told you you didn’t HAVE to do any of those things? Many people assume fitness is black and white. It is a very common assumption that there’s only one way to do...

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Chocolate Trifle Eid Edition

Eid is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with desserts! Eid ul-Fitr marks the end of fasting, and is a reward to Muslims all around the world for observing the blessed month of Ramadan. As a tradition, The Prophet (SAW) ate something sweet before attending Eid prayers. These mini trifle cups are an excellent way to carry-on The Prophet (SAW’s) tradition at home or on the go. Since Eid ul-Fitr translates to “festival of the breaking of the fast”, many people prepare a feast including multiple sweets. This quick and easy recipe is a perfect way to impress family and friends. With the rich chocolate, light cream, and slight crunch, this dessert is sure to...

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