About Us

When I first set out to begin this journey, I envisioned a company which brought ease to its customers in regards to their search for modest attire all while catering to a bigger purpose by partaking in civil rights activism efforts. Thus, Veiled Beaut was launched in April 2016 with a simple purpose: provide affordable and high quality modest apparel, inspire a positive impact within our communities, and to provide people with a brand that aligns with their values.

Through our modestwear, we aspire to inspire those struggling with ideas such as self-love, confidence, self-esteem, belongingness, and a higher moral purpose by providing an alternative to a market which wrongfully affirms that a woman’s influence must only lie within her appeal and physical features.

By providing exceptional products to the modern day Muslimah or modest woman, we aim to create a positive ripple effect of social change that can ultimately shift the paradigm on how we define women empowerment and social justice. To learn more about our social activism efforts, please visit our ‘Purchase with a Purpose’ tab.


Sana Mahmood – Founder of Veiled Beaut