We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for a passionate Graphic Design Intern to join our VB family! In order to make our search for the “perfect intern” (and your search for the “perfect internship”) as efficient as possible, we’ve included a description of what we’re looking for below. This internship is not for everyone, however, it will be the “perfect” internship for someone.

Start Date: As soon as we find the “perfect” person!

Description: This is the perfect position for someone looking to expand their skills in design and marketing. We’re a small business so you’ll get first hand experience on what goes on to keep it going and growing! You’ll be working closely with the CEO and will be tasked with weekly assignments which will not exceed 5-7 hours. This is a great opportunity for an entry-level student to learn and grow their skills while being able to explore their creativity, you’ll have full autonomy- you’re the expert after all!

This is 100% a remote position so you may be located anywhere in the US. This internship may also be applicable for school or college credit.


  • Experience with Photoshop/Light room
  • Must have an interest in Graphic design
  • Must have experience with social networking sites
  • Experience in Marketing is a plus but not required
  • Experience in Videography and editing is a plus but not required
  • Must be at least 16 years of age

If this sounds like a position for you please send us your resume and a short paragraph about why you want this internship, your expectations, and your previous experience to info@veiledbeaut.com with the subject line “Veiled Beaut Graphic Design Intern.”

LA Textile

LA Textile

AssalamuAlaikum (may peace be upon you) VB Family,

It was my first time in California and upon my arrival back to Virginia, the term “California Dreamin” really hit me hard (it honestly is a dream guys- my husband and I were debating on moving there but obviously that’s never going to happen because well, you know, responsibilities). However, we’re more than ready to get back to work and spring the connections we made into action!

For those of you who weren’t able to keep up with our Instagram stories, my husband and I traveled to LA this past week to attend two conferences. The first, LA Textile, was a conference based solely on textiles. Suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world came to California Market Center and set up shop for three days. The second, LA Market, was a conference based on wholesalers. The wholesale companies were mainly based in the U.S. and sold everything from stationary items to jewelry and clothing. You can learn more about these conferences here.

My main goal for attending these conferences was to learn more about the industry as we further delve ourselves into it. Consequently, we were able to create new partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. As for LA Market, my sole purpose was to learn and understand the process of wholesaling products to other retailers so that in the future I can be able to further my small business in this extremely lucrative market.

My biggest takeaway from this entire trip came down to my newfound development of extreme confidence in this market. That if I worked hard, played my cards right, practiced patience, and truly focused on the wants and needs of my customers, I can leave my mark in this industry and Insha’Allah (God willingly), I will.

With that being said, I’ve always been a firm believer that being an entrepreneur can change lives- not only for yourself, but for your society as well. Being able to create jobs, finding a solution to a pain many experience, having the flexibility with your schedule, and lastly, not being confined by the standards of the corporate world (biggest personal win!). I know it can be very scary to leave the comfort and enter into a world of uncertainty, but trust me, once you’re in it you’re never going to look back. So, what are you waiting for?

As a thank you for all your continuous support use the code “LA Textile” to receive 10% off your entire purchase, no minimum or maximums!

Have a question or comment?! Drop it below!


Sana Mahmood

10 Tips For Being Productive

10 Tips For Being Productive

Let’s face it, productivity is something everyone struggles with at some point. Whether you’re a student, a young professional, or an entrepreneur, we all fall short on utilizing our utmost potential. We’ve created a list of tips which have helped us overcome this issue which you can read below and implement immediately, we hope it’ll help you maximize your full potential as well so you may reap the benefits of success!

  1. Make to-do lists and daily goals

By planning out the things you want to accomplish, you’ll be able to keep yourself organized and motivated. Create a list every morning of the the things you want to get done during the day and hold yourself accountable for actually completing them. However, don’t try to do so much that you’re overwhelmed, having a balance is the key to happiness and sanity. 

  1. Keep all your materials organized

Make sure you have all your materials, such as textbooks, folders, and notes organized and neat. This’ll help you keep track of what things you need to do and when, and it’ll keep you from losing important things (like your homework). 

  1. Declutter your workspace

Always make sure to clean up your work space so you can can have a comfortable, productive environment to work in. Keep in mind your environment will have an impact in the quality of your work and mindset. 

  1. Eliminate distractions

Yes, you knew this one was coming. Make sure to turn off and put away any distractions like your phone and other electronics when you know you have a lot of work to do. When you limit distractions you’re able to complete the task at hand much faster and more diligently.

  1. Say no more often

Don’t be afraid to say no to things when you know you have a lot of work to do, you must learn to prioritize yourself and your responsibilities. 

  1. Keep aside time for yourself

Don’t spend your whole day tiring out your brain. Engage in activities that you enjoy during breaks to boost your mood and your productivity. As we mentioned before, having a balance is key. 

  1. Keep track of time

Don’t get lost into the frenzy when you’re overwhelmed with work. Make sure you’re spending the right amount of time on the right things. Making schedules and staying organized really helps with this one! 

  1. Don’t multitask

No matter how much you believe you can, it’s never a good idea to multitask. Keep your mind focused on one goal at a time so you can accomplish it quicker and more efficiently.

  1. Give yourself small rewards when you accomplish big tasks

You’ve worked hard, and it’s paid off. Reward yourself with something small, like a snack, or an afternoon cup of coffee. You’ve deserved it! (Hint: balance is key!!)

  1. Don’t be overwhelmed, you can do this!

Even if you feel like you’ll never get everything done (we all feel that way sometimes), remember that you’re working hard and giving it your all; it will pay off. You’ve done your best, and that is an accomplishment in itself.