For the Love of Helping Hand- Final Reflections

For the Love of Helping Hand- Final Reflections

Welcome to the last post of this series! I hope you were able to gain some insight into a very deep and often misunderstood matter. I’m sure some of you must be thinking how this topic correlates with our company, here’s how:

  • If there’s one thing you should know about me its that this is my passion, and just like most people with a passion its what continues to motivate me to tread on this path of uncertainty. When I first set out to start this company, my 19-year-old self knew I wanted cater to a bigger purpose. The need for Muslim American companies was apparent, but the need for a source of inspiration which went beyond the means of this world was even more necessary.


  • Most people believe social efforts and a retail business can’t coincide, but they’re wrong. It’s hard yes, but you will be met with difficulty with anything worth doing in this world. After all, isn’t that what it means to be a Muslim owned entity? I want this company to not only be a source of good for myself, but a source of good for my society as a whole.


  • We all know mainstream retailers are notorious for unethical practices, and we can claim we weren’t aware but honestly ask yourself, have you never wondered how you were able to purchase that $10 shirt or those $12 jeans? I mean, these companies must be cutting costs from somewhere right? And I can tell you right now there’s no way around international shipping costs or Customs and Border fees. As Muslims we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard, whether we’re the consumer or the provider.


  • The purpose behind our Purchase with a Purpose policy as well as the various projects we participate in is to try to instill a sense of responsibility amongst our customers. A portion of every purchase goes towards sponsoring refugee orphans in an effort to act as a reminder that while its okay to spend on ourselves we shouldn’t forget those in need in the process. As for the various projects we initiate, our aim is to encourage social and civic engagement as we firmly believe that the actions we partake in today will undoubtedly impact our tomorrow.


  • We’re quick to complain about all the problems in the world but we never hold ourselves accountable for our own actions. If you have to think about the last time you did something good for the world, its been too long. As Helping Hand encourages, be the change you wish to see. It doesn’t matter if no one else is doing it, it doesn’t matter if you can only reach one person, it doesn’t even matter if you try and fail- the purpose is to just do your best and if you keep your intentions pure Allah SWT will always facilitate a way.

I sincerely pray that everyone who has read these posts has benefitted in some shape or form, and I pray that Allah SWT gives all of us the courage, the wisdom, and the ability to create the long term sustainable change we so desperately need. Ameen.


Yours truly,

Sana Mahmood

Founder of Veiled Beaut

For the Love of Helping Hand- Post #5

For the Love of Helping Hand- Post #5

AssalamuAlaikum lovely readers,

If you’ve been keeping up with the last few blog posts you probably understand the situation many Kenyans face to a certain extent. Their struggles, their stories, and their reality- although it’s a hard truth to face, its one which must certainly be discussed. We all need to understand that even though everyone is tested in their own way, it doesn’t mean we can’t work together to ease one’s test. And who knows, maybe our test is judged based on what we do to assist others with their own hardships.

A couple blog posts before this one I discussed the importance of educating the youth to equip them with the necessary skills needed to end their generational cycle of hardship. But what do we do for the individuals responsible for these youths? What do we do for the adults, the parents, and the grandparents who don’t have the time to go through school because they’re busy taking care of their families? Education is still a major factor, however, we focus on a more specialized approach.

As a solution to this problem, Helping Hand has built several Skills Development Centers (SDCs). These centers were built to organize training courses in a variety of different areas such as dressmaking, embroidery, IT skills, knitting, office automation, and learning English. All courses are taught free of charge and materials are donated by HHRD’s generous donors.

My biggest takeaway from the visits of these centers was to never underestimate the power of your donation. Something as small as donating henna sticks, which costs us no more than five dollars, has the potential to completely alter someone’s livelihood for the better.

We are responsible for educating ourselves on matters such as these. I mean, isn’t that our purpose in this world? Aren’t we supposed to be working together to alleviate the hardships our fellow brothers and sisters face? Our purpose in this world has to be more than fancy jobs and expensive cars, an unfulfilling life which brings no happiness or ease. Don’t get me wrong, its perfectly okay to want and like nice things, but we should always remember the state of our hearts as well. Honestly ask yourself, do you love for others what you love for yourself?

To learn more about HHRD’s Skills Development Centers and to read about their success stories, please visit here.